About Us


We're a team of AI researchers, bioinformaticians and software developers working together to help pharmaceutical companies bring novel treatments to the market faster, cheaper and more sustainably using our Scientific AI platform AíChemy.

Our wish is to help democratize access to treatments by lowering the costs and risks associated with early stage drug discovery.

 Bayesian modeling is the cornerstone in our AI-driven drug discovery platform.

Why we are Bayesian

We are strong proponents of Bayesian modeling in our AI-driven drug discovery platform. By using Bayesian methods, we can model uncertainty and integrate prior knowledge with new data to improve the accuracy and reliability of our virtual screening results.

In drug discovery, virtual screening is a critical step in identifying potential drug candidates. However, with the vast number of possible compounds to test, it is impossible to experimentally test them all. Our platform, AíChemy, uses AI and machine learning to predict the probability of compounds binding to target proteins and narrows down the search space.

By using Bayesian methods, we can continuously update our predictive models as new data becomes available, accounting for uncertainty and improving the accuracy of our predictions. This approach saves time and resources by reducing the number of false positives and enables us to discover drugs faster, cheaper, and more sustainably.

Leadership Team
  • Dr. Andreas L Norlin
    Chairman of the Board
  • Dr. Michael Green
    CEO, Founder
  • Dr. Mattias Ohlsson
    Scientific Advisor
  • Jens Skoustrup-Jacobsen
    CFO, Co-Founder
  • Johan Gudmundsson
    CTO, Co-Founder


We are proud to work with some of the leading research institutions in carrying out our mission.